dimanche 25 octobre 2015

Little Known Masonic Regalia And Its Color Meanings

By Mattie Knight

Long ago, people ranked themselves according to their economic status. It has even affected the way they deal with things. Back to the old times where monarchy is the primary way of doing things, they had a special way of determining the status of each other. Their unique style of knowing it can be through the clothes they wore.

Since they were considered as elites in the society, they were bestowed with elegance, prestige, honor and grace with their outfit. Unknowingly, they are trendsetters that the norm wanted to follow. However, there were a chosen few exclusive ones like the masonic regalia, which they are only the ones allowed to wear. And, the best part, its hue has distinctive meanings. Read more in as follows.

White. Many believed this could be the color of purity. Aside from which, this became what people considered as the one that will symbolize innocence and goodness. This made the majority even more convinced because of what the description of Daniel stated when he saw God as an old man wearing white. This makes many individuals think that it is a sign of goodness of the Supreme One.

Blue. Believe it or not, it became a norm on earth that it signifies the immortality, eternity and prudence of those who wears it. This makes it why there are shades of blue that majestic clans wear to imply their image of their undying dedication in leading their nation with deep ardor. Royals in France even used this as the one for their background to fleur de lis symbol.

Purple. Years have passed, the meaning of this has not changed. This remained a symbol for richness, making royal families endlessly use this as symbolism of their abundance. And, the use of this did not just exist with the clothing that royals use, but also in churches, especially in times of Lent and Advent to emphasize the Lordship of God over the lives of believers.

Scarlet. In simpler terms, this is what we call, red. There may be many interpretations of this, but what prevailed is it became the symbol for fire. The concept of its symbolization became intensified and interpreted as a power ingredient of deep passion, selflessness and devotion, which perfectly defines the basic characteristics of love.

Green. Long enough have you been surrounded by such comforting view. This is the mainstream color of nature, which makes it a symbol for life. However, early Egyptians considered this as a sign of hope. The influence of it became widespread that even Scotland made every shade of it a part of the palette to choose from with what they wear to send a message that hope is near.

Black. Numerous individuals would not want this. It became the standard thing that people consider a sign of grief. This is also what makes others hate this. But, there is more than that. You see, this also keeps elegance on top of everything. This makes it why these days, it can be implied that black is beautiful.

Therefore, these are a few colors majestic families to emphasize their identity. Each hue makes them standout from the rest, making others know they are gracefully unique individuals which are important in the society. Now, it is time for you to share this information to the world. Start now.

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