dimanche 3 mai 2015

Social Media Marketing Egypt For Dummies

By Toni Vang

Social media has been sweeping the world of marketing ever since it trended with the coming forth of the many social networking sites. The great thing about these kinds of websites is that they can actually reach a ton of people with just a few posts because everyone would have an account in these sites. So in order to know how to be able to market a business through this medium, here are a few social media marketing egypt tips.

Of course everyone knows about the biggest social networking site that is known as Facebook. Ever since its creation and emergence in the web, more and more people have been on this site and the numbers are still definitely growing. Of course since everyone is on this website, then this is definitely the best place for a marketer to be at in order to gain exposure.

For businesses, Facebook has created a feature that will allow businesses to be able to showcase what they do and what they are all about. Now this is known as a like page that is used to be able to connect a business, idea, or advocacy to as many people as possible. Of course this like page has to be updated from time to time in order to keep the attention of the followers.

Now a very important point to take note of when managing a Facebook like page would be to not give out too much information. The website is already there to do that so the Facebook page should not be redundant. The whole purpose of the Facebook page is to catch their attention with catchy posts that are somehow also related to the business.

Of course for the concentration of pictures, there would be the social networking site that is known as Instagram. Now this website is a site that would let users share their pictures to everyone else. So what businesses can do here is to share pictures of their events or of their new products or services offered.

Now for videos on the other hand, there would be none other than the very popular Youtube. Youtube is definitely one of the more popular of all sites because it specifically shares videos posted by users all over the net. Now Youtube can be utilized if a business creates a video wherein they can post it in Youtube and share the link in their Facebook like page.

Of course there would also be Twitter which is the site to use when making announcements. Businesses would often also use this site to be able to connect to the customers better. Customers tend to feel like they are friends with the owners because of Twitter.

So as one can see, social networking sites are actually wonderful marketing tools. Now these are the ones mentioned here because these are the most popular. Of course the marketers would want to tap the most popular mediums in order to gain a big number of people.

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